Bill Stokes is a retired journalist who wrote columns and feature articles for four different newspapers–including The Chicago Tribune, during a 35-year career. He was born and raised in northwestern Wisconsin, served three years in the Army Infantry—one in Korea, graduated from the University of Wisconsin in Madison, and began his career in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, thanks to Ed Gein, the grave-robbing “Psycho” murderer arrested in Plainfield, WI in 1957.  The stellar handling of that sensational story by the then Stevens Point reporter earned him a job offer with the Milwaukee Sentinel, creating the reporting job that Bill then filled. Read more…

New Book: KICKASS the DOORSTOP DOG (almost daily)

Kickass came to live with me many years ago, having been adopted out of a life of junk collecting. As a cast-iron dog, he was subjugated by a series of live dogs and only functioned in his designated doorstop role.

Things changed, however, and one day–almost ten years ago, Kickass suddenly became assertive to the point of unmanageable as he commanded me–“the keeper,” to pass along a daily (almost) message that tended to be more insulting than inspirational, displayed bias, prejudices and ignorance, and sought to amuse and/or offend with commentary on the outrages of the passing scene.”

This book is Kickass for the year 2022.

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treeson Treeson is an apology to all the trees that went into making the newsprint to carry the author’s drivel to readers of the Chicago Tribune, Milwaukee Journal, Wisconsin State Journal, and Stevens Point Daily Journal of a 35-year newspaper career back when newspapers mattered. It uses some of the author’s old stories to revisit many remembered adventures ranging from a trip on the Delta Queen with Jimmy and Rosalyn, to 30-below zero in a Red Cliff deer yard.

Written in a relaxed “conversations-from-the-recliner style, Treeson takes the reader along an amazing journalistic journey that uses canoes, walking sticks, and dog sleds. It is a cruise on a memorable “ship of writing.”

Bill Stokes was winner of the Scripps-Howard Ernie Pyle Memorial Award, and he earned many other awards and recognitions, including Best Wisconsin Writer by the Wisconsin Writers’ Group.

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