Kickass, the doorstop dog, has fond lets-pretend memories of being a cowboy in New Mexico, and later of naming a book–“Hi-ho Silver Anyway,” as part of that recall; and always there was a love interest in which the keeper rescued a beautiful rancher’s daughter and rode off into the sunset with her on their respective horses.

Imagine then the impact of Phyllis returning from a walk in an excited state and reporting an encounter with horse riders out in the parking lot.

Horse riders!

Roy and Dale!

Gene and the rancher’s daughter!

What does it portend?

Turns out it was two members of the Madison Police mounted patrol out for an initial ride on Madison’s west side.

But for a few moments there the keeper’s brain went into a tailspin: What could possibly be his role in a horse scenario in which he is already living with the beautiful rancher’s daughter, and furthermore tends to forget where he has tethered his horse?

Phyllis made him a cup of coffee and told him to calm down. She knows how to handle old cowboys.

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