Kickass, the doorstop dog, passes along information that the keeper’s campaign to have a driver’s age shown in big numbers on the side of his or her vehicle is not finding a lot of traction, perhaps due to resistance from his own age group.

The keeper’s younger sister Norma, at 90, recently decided on her own to give up driving due to neuropathy making her feet insensitive to foot controls.

The keeper has a friend who went to get his car one day and it was gone, having been “stolen” by the friend’s children who deemed it was better for their father to get out of the driver’s seat and use public transportation.

The keeper prides himself in being an exceptionally capable driver, but his age displayed on the side of his vehicle might present a traffic hazard in itself, the populace being so youth oriented as it is.

He will discuss the matter further with Phyllis who rides comfortably with the keeper, even as he curses the dumb things that much younger drivers do.

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