Kickass, the doorstop dog, joins the keeper and Phyllis in updating their relationship to trees as they rode across the state with Gina and Steve for a Phyllis family reunion, remarkable for its lack of fisticuffs and shouting and its surplus of food and drink.

As much as the company was stimulating and enjoyable and the food was too much, trees carried the day, being in full colorful display from Madison to Kevin and Colleen’s house in Wisconsin Rapids.

“Spectacular” is the only appropriate word, and the endless sweep of one glowing scene after another of the explosive remains of summer invites embracing the wonderful woody plants for how they enrich life.

It made the keeper happy to think of his recent book, “Treeson, an APOLOGIA to Trees,” for the paper pulp that went to print his newspaper drivel over the years. (Available from Amazon, bookstores or from

As a side note, the presence at the reunion of one dog and two cats, all of which have their own take on trees, and the fact that there was no dog/cat fighting added to the quality of the day.

But the tree color! That was the big deal!

What a way to wrap up a season!.

Go have a look!

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