Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the keeper recruited the photo artistry of Phyllis in updating the “baby bump” photo of five years ago when he posed with “expecting” granddaughter in-laws Lindsey, Ari and Becky; with the keeper’s “bump” indicating at the time that he might be pregnant with twins.
Turns out that was the case–he “had” two books but mysteriously retains his pregnancy condition, unlike his beautiful granddaughter in-laws who have returned to svelte normalcy as they “mother” Romy, River and Trevor, the products of those baby bumps.
The keeper is, of course, a winner all around: three wonderful great-grandchildren, two books and apparently still pregnant.
Phyllis encourages him to practice a birth control method that sounds very much like a diet. Then she concocts some delicious soup or a tasty dish that is irresistible.
So, it is Phyllis’s fault that the keeper is in a permanent baby-bump state, and it explains why she urges him to “go write another book.”

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