Kickass and the Enquirer

Kickass, the doorstop dog, has chewed up a lot of newspapers in his day, mostly to get through to whatever was wrapped in them—food scraps or bones; but he has never chewed up a National Enquirer because the keeper never brought one home, commenting at one point that neither the Enquirer’s content nor paper quality was fit for even bathroom use. His negative opinion is obviously based in his years of trying to be an honest journalist while witnessing the rise of sensational half-truth rags as the preferred source of information for far too many people. Once an Enquirer editor phoned the keeper about a murder story he had been working on, offering an impressive sum of money for his time. Nothing came of it, but like most honest underpaid journalists, the keeper could be bought for a disgustingly low fee, and so principles have nothing to do with his not having an Enquirer history. But it galls him that the sensational half-truth rags are stuck in his face at the grocery checkout lines, and there is little or no sign of the honest brokers of print news. It is fitting that the Enquirer is now identified with Trump and proven to use the same low-life tactics that he does to bend the minds of the ED (Elect the Dumb) crowd.

(See for more Kickass and news of Margaret’s War.)

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