Kickass River Launch Delay

Kickass the Doorstop Dog

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports there has been some slight delay in the launch of the Cruising down The River on a…… by the keeper and his son Mike.  A serious tooth issue developed with Mike and while the keeper offered to solve it with vice-grips, a more genteel extraction is apparently Mike’s choice.  Also there has arisen the issue of crashing into a Navy battleship, which seems to be a new sea threat.  Two watch dogs are being taken along—me, Kickass, and a nondescript schnauzer type named Boo who has just learned how to play the piano.  There will be no piano aboard the pontoon boat which has yet to be named.  I’m pulling for “KICKASS.”

Plans are in place for a launch soon, maybe even today.

And since no glass of any kind is allowed on the Wisconsin River, the launch ceremony will involve the use of either a plastic milk container, or a can of beer, probably a can of beer.

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