KICKASS the DOORSTOP DOG (almost daily): 2016 & 2017

Title: KICKASS the DOORSTOP DOG (almost daily): 2016 & 2017
Published by: Independant
Release Date: Oct, 2023
Genre: ,
Pages: 410
ISBN13: 979-886191000

I had 35-year career writing columns for newspapers back when newspapers mattered; and Kickass is apparently the residual writing compulsion from that time.

My newspapering was recently recalled in a book--“Treeson an APOLOGIA to Trees” which is, like this “Kickass” collection, available on Amazon or from us at

Kickass thanks you for reading; and suggests the bathroom as an appropriate location for this short-reads book.
Kickass came to live with me many years ago, having been adopted out of a life of junk collecting. As a cast-iron dog, he was subjugated by a series of live dogs and only functioned in his designated doorstop role.

Things changed, however, and one day--almost ten years ago, Kickass suddenly became assertive to the point of unmanageable as he commanded me-- “the keeper,” to pass along a daily (almost) message that tended to be more insulting than inspirational, displayed bias, prejudices and ignorance, and sought to amuse and/or offend with commentary on the outrages of the passing scene.

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