KICKASS the DOORSTOP DOG (almost daily): 2018

Title: KICKASS the DOORSTOP DOG (almost daily): 2018
Published by: Independant
Release Date: Oct, 2023
Genre: , ,
Pages: 365
ISBN13: 979-8865758204

Kickass, the Doorstop Dog, is a year’s worth of daily commentary from one of the legendary Midwest newspaper columnists, having written for the Chicago Tribune, Milwaukee Journal and Wisconsin State Journal for 35 years back when newspapers mattered. Speaking through his cast iron pet "Kickass", Bill Stokes comments on being a newlywed in love -- with Phyllis, in his 90's, political outrages, the weather, getting up from a recliner, and existing as a non-techy in a high-tech world.

Author suggests that if Kickass the Doorstop Dog doesn't get your day off to a roaring start, maybe you should stay in bed.

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