Kickass 10/24/21

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the keeper had one of those negative narrative dreams before awakening very early to realize with great relief that it was indeed a dream, and his life was not ruined after all: Phyllis had not in fact made off with his 10-ton gravel truck and left him naked in front of his grandma’s farm-house of some 80 years ago.

There was more to the dream, all of it very convincing and unpleasant, and the keeper was so happy to finally wake up to reality that he was tempted to wake Phyllis up and thank her for not having driven off with his gravel truck, something he has never owned during his many years of owning many strange things.

There is no solid answer as to the “why” of dreams, but almost everyone has them, as do dogs as evidenced by their paw-tremors and whimpering during naps on the couch.

Many years ago, the keeper had a dream in which he could fly—which is apparently a common dream, and he regrets that it has not reoccurred: flying was great dream fun and waking up from it was disappointing.

Maybe the keeper’s current negative dream has something to do with the stress of moving to a new location. Maybe that is why Phyllis stole the keeper’s nonexistent gravel truck.

As this is written, Phyllis is still sleeping, but the keeper will be talking to her about the gravel truck as soon as she wakes up, perhaps from a dream about how wonderful it is to dream-fly through life with the keeper.


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