Kickass 4th of July

Kickass the Doorstop Dog

Kickass, the doorstop dog, spent time in the proximity of a small town’s fireworks display last night and proclaims that all is well in this incredible country despite having somehow allowed a raging, narcissistic idiot to occupy the White House.

On the sandy banks of the Wisconsin River, boys on the cusp of puberty fashioned themselves body-conforming seats from which to view the extravaganza.  Little girls squealed and danced on spread blankets.  And all about there was an aura of family relaxation that carried the day and was like the spine of a great, invincible  creature taking time to reboot.

Kickass wishes he could have been one of those “pups” who will forever remember that fireworks night when, on the banks of the river, they built those wonderful sandy thrones from which to watch the spectacle of it all.

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