Kickass 9/11/22

Kickass, the doorstop dog, joins the keeper in acknowledging the anniversary of the current cellular arrangement by which he–the keeper has marched in the evolutionary parade for an insignificant split second of time on an infinitesimal speck of planetary dirt and dust.

Given just barely enough basic ego-centric brain power to define the fit of his cellular composition, the keeper appreciates its duration and its current status of being packaged in love and good fortune: Thank you Phyllis, family and friends.

In the inevitable cellular rearrangement that controls all things, the keeper hopes that when his time comes, his cells will rejoin the Earthly whirl as a dog.

For the present, however, and perhaps by way of recycling preparation on this first anniversary of being a “nonagenarian,” if the keeper had a tail he would wag it.

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