Kickass 9/20/23

Kickass, the doorstop dog, sympathizes with the keeper as he tries to remain relevant when faced with such questions as the following:

         *Does Boebert’s statement that she will be checking party affiliations of future dates mean that it is hard to keep your hands off Democrats?

         *Can the relaxed Senate dress code be used as an excuse to get that first cup of coffee while wearing only underwear?

         *Could there be a connection between McCarthy wielding his beloved gavel and Mitch’s inclination to stare off into space?

         *If the Repubs successfully shut down the government, does that cancel out driving on the right side of the road?

         *Is MT Greene a peach, an impeach, a lemon or a complete prepackaged fruitcake?

         *Once attorneys representing insurrectionists have all the money, will there be free representation for jaywalkers?

         *As global warming is ignored in the interest of profit, will Phyllis and the keeper no longer suffer cold feet, even in January?

         *Should a very old man try to get back in the labor market in the interests of preserving his wife’s sanity?

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