Kickass 9/23/21

Kickass, the doorstop dog, acknowledging the season of football excesses, assists the keeper in providing revised lyrics to some of the traditional Camp Randall songs:


If you want to be a Badger—-

“If you want to be a butthead, just come along with me

“By the slight, by the slight of the Vos crowd of goons

“By the slight of the goons, by the slight of the goons

“By the gerrymandered slight of the Vos gang of goons.”



“Verasity! Verasity!

“U-rah-rah Wisconsin

“Praise to the truth we sing

“Praise to thee our Vos liars

“U-rah-rah Wis-con-SIN.”


On Wisconsin—–

“Own Wisconsin, own Wisconsin, buy it for a dime,

“Run the lobbyists to the top, bankruptcy sure this time.

“Own Wisconsin, own Wisconsin, fight on for your graft

“Fight, fellows, fight, fight, fight, with leaders who are daft!”

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