Kickass accepts science

Kickass, the doorstop dog, notes that when dogs gather to socialize and bark at things, there is general agreement that the “things” they bark at the most are seen as common threats.

         It is no different for humans when they gather to socialize and “bark” at perceived threats.

However, in this time of heightened divisiveness, if the human barking is not to lead to biting and snarling, conversation must either tiptoe around the political tar pits or establish some commonality.

So it was when the keeper and Phyllis recently socialized with the family of Vista West neighbor Nancy Chybowski and it was somehow established that everyone present accepted science.

Such a simple and obvious thing–to accept proven facts and to live accordingly.

From that commonly held mind set, it was not necessary to proceed with conversational condemnation of those who do their own backyard science.

The potential for such criticism was there but there were other things to talk about, like how the old days were so great and the Republicans were tolerable, especially those in the family.

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