Kickass adds to life lists

Kickass, the doorstop dog, says if the keeper had a bird-watchers “life list” it would not impress a hungry cat, but for the last several mornings he has tried to add to the list by identifying a tiny migrant working the topmost branches of the budding oak.  It is a better challenge than trying to figure out the “who’s on first” chaos on the TV news shows.

So for now, the keeper is going with “chestnut sided warbler,” which, according to the bird books is a local resident and, like all those tiny little bits of flesh and feathers, lives among us as unobtrusively as voles.

The keeper has added the “Walker Killdeer” and the “Trump Dickcissel” to his other list, the one that starts with s and ends with t,  Walker for ignoring the deer disease that will obviously decimate the state herd, and Trump for doing his damndest to stomp decency, reverse evolution and act like a prick.


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