Kickass adjusts the calendar

Kickass, the doorstop dog, has always been puzzled with the concept of saving time by simply changing the clocks.  But rather than fight it, he goes with the flow and adjusts his nap time and, as always, pays no attention to time in the first place.

He would, however, be interested in a time altering program that dealt with years instead of hours.  Oh, hell, let’s think in terms of decades.  Say you could wake up from a nap and it would be 1949, which the keeper says was the year he graduated from high school and was convinced the world was there just for his pleasure.  (Turned out it was.)

Obviously, as a dog, Kickass would not have been born in 1949, or even for several litters to come.  He is comfortable with that.  It just means he was/is  involved in a special kind of nap.  This “napping” applies to all living things—we are all just parts of cycles that ride along with time. The keeper says to shutup and “Carpe Diem!”


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