Kickass age relaxation

Kickass, the doorstop dog, has passed on to the keeper the unlimited skills that dogs have for relaxing and taking the day off.  There needs to be no good reason for this, such as an exhausting day of playing fetch or chasing cats, it is simply that the time seems right to just flop down on the rug and go into a rest mode that restores energy levels as if by magic.

The circumstance of impromptu relaxation, in the keeper’s case, may have something to do with a definite upgrade in the company he keeps, having been elevated from cast-iron dog—that would be me, to, well, if you met her you would understand immediately.

Kickass notes that this kindling of relationships is not the exclusive prevue of high school kids and the college crowd: it is for all ages, and if the keeper is not living proof of that then there isn’t any.  He is not there yet, nor is his exciting new friend Phyllis, but they are both of the opinion that walkers and canes should no more impede relationships than skateboards.

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