Kickass All-Star Game

Kickass the Doorstop Dog

Kickass, the doorstop dog, says that the keeper has a program from the 1953 All-Star game in Cincinnati that is signed twice by Satchel Paige, and some time ago, the keeper was blown away by stumbling across an on-line video of him standing beside Satchel while he did the signing.  As a recently returned Korean vet the keeper was a photo prop and some photographer said, “Just one more, Satch,” which accounts for the two autographs.

It was a most memorable day.  An RKO movie news crew took the keeper and his friend in as “assistants,” and they were down on the field mingling with players hours before the game.  There was even a chance for a brief “combat” story exchange with Ted Williams who was also recently returned from Korea, and who threw out the first pitch.

The video is available on the net at– Baseball All-Star game (1953) You Tube– It opens showing managers Stengel and Dresser and next is Satchel and Sgt. Stokes, looking like an innocent high school kid and then it goes to Ted Williams and then the game.  The keeper watches it quite often.




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