Kickass and $14 billion stress

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the keeper plans to follow Phyllis’s suggestion of retreating from the daily flow of infuriating news as a means of personal stress reduction.

Great idea, the keeper agrees.  But first a news summary:

More than $14 billion was spent on recent elections.  $14 billion!

Millions of the unemployed are in US food lines, facing eviction and business bankruptcy with no critical stimulus help forthcoming. $14 billion!

Millions of jobs where women dominate—service and governmental, are lost to coronavirus as child care centers close, resulting in a ruinous one-two gut punch to women. $14 billion!

Someone dies every minute in the US as a result of Covid.  $14 billion!

White House so-called doctor opposes masks and says enjoy your “last Thanksgiving.” $14 billion!

Biden says masks between now and Jan. 20 could save thousands of lives. $14 billion!

Wisconsin GOP legislature opposes Gov. Evers in basic, coronavirus control measures.  State deaths skyrocket! $14 billion!

Hopelessly narcissistic POTUS refuses to accept defeat or to help with covid-related life-saving transition plans. $14 billion!

Okay, the keeper tells Phyllis he is now ready for some stress reduction. MSNBC and FOX be damned, bring on the Andy Griffith reruns. $14 billion!



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