Kickass and 2024 tomorrows

Kickass, the doorstop dog, joins the keeper in realizing that there are only two days left to make something of 2023 before 2024 comes barreling onto the scene like the Dalton gang.

Since its inception 363 days ago, it has been the keeper’s daily intention to use 2023 in a productive manner, doing good where it needed to be done and accumulating wealth in the grand old American style of “Where’s mine?”

Unfortunately, at the end of each 2023 day, the keeper was found wanting in both the areas of doing good and accumulating wealth but he was unfailing saved by the verity he lives by: “There is always tomorrow!”

Given his accumulation of years, “There’s always tomorrow” takes on added significance with each passing day–year, and the keeper sees no reason to treat 2024 any different than 2023.

“There’s always tomorrow,” and in case there isn’t, the keeper and Phyllis will be doing their best to wring the hell out of every one of 2024’s todays.

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