Kickass and 209,000 hearses

Kickass, the doorstop dog, accustomed to the keeper’s excesses, is not upset over his—the keeper’s plan to assemble 209,000 hearses to do a “joy ride” around the White House to illustrate the real effect of the coronavirus.

Following the inane example of the diseased POTUS in leaving hospital isolation to demonstrate that he can sit up and wave from a vehicle window, the keeper’s 209,000–hearse plan would involve only empty vehicles to illustrate the emptiness in the lives of the 209,000 victims’ survivors.

With Wisconsin now an epicenter of the coronavirus—recording hundreds of new cases and deaths on a daily basis, it is part of the keeper’s 209,000—hearse plan to first cruise the Gerrymandered Wisconsin voting districts of Vos, Fitzgerald, Tiffany and other GOP truth deniers before heading to Washington.

It would, of course, be appropriate for the 209,000 hearses to be driven by women, or maybe by some of the “losers” and nobodies-of-importance as defined by the POTUS.  Those details are still to be worked out.  The hearse drivers will be wearing masks that not only cover their noses but their eyes as well to prevent them from seeing just where the hell all the political insanity is taking them and the rest of the populace.





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