Kickass and 666

Kickass, the doorstop dog, tries to assist the keeper in working through the possible negative significance of recent numbers whereby his youngest offspring–Mike, had the audacity to turn 66, and then pointed out that 66 was two- thirds of the Biblical 666 “number of the beast,” which could portend who knows what.

To his credit, Mike has spent a lifetime conditioning those around him to the fact that he may have “devilish” connections, so most anything goes.

There was the time when, as a teenager, he fell off the roof of the house while trying to sneak out to see a girlfriend, there was the time he spilled gunpowder on the keeper’s work bench causing an explosion that singed off the keeper’s eyebrows, there was……..

But enough! As a parent there is not much the keeper can do at this point to moderate the behavior of a 66-year-old “kid,” particularly one working on a 666 identity.

He can lament to Phyllis, of course, who has “kids” almost as old as the keeper’s.  It gives the two of them something to talk about as they question where, as parents, they might have gone wrong.

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