Kickass and 757 travel plans

Kickass, the doorstop dog, notes that Phyllis’s weekend visit with her Ohio daughter Gina has put the keeper in a state of some discombobulation, but it has also given him an opportunity to suggest future travel plans for Phyllis that would include him.  Fortuitously, the National Geographic “Expeditions” travel catalog arrived in the mail recently, and there in the back pages was just what the keeper had in mind: “Around the world by private jet”—a Boeing 757, accompanied by NG bigwigs and lasting 21 days at a per person cost starting at $92,995.

Before putting that kind of money on their joint credit card, however, the keeper might also suggest a visit to a winery near Lodi (WI) and a stop at Culvers as an alternative.

The point the keeper is struggling to make is that while mother-daughter weekends are fine and he supports them, he cannot deny that his ballooning male ego has apparently sprung a leak and is losing altitude—not as much altitude as his thinking about that NG 757, however.

Fortunately, Phyllis enjoys winery visits, and is not adverse to an occasional Culvers treat.


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