Kickass and 90 degree party

Kickass, the doorstop dog, joins the keeper in his amazement at how the keeper’s family, in planning for his 90th birthday party Saturday afternoon outside on the Mazomanie Promenade, managed to arrange for a predicted, age-matching, 90-degree temperature!

(EVERYONE–vaccinated–is invited starting about 2p.m. Free food, free books and “Naked at Amazo” paraphernalia.)

While there may be other occasions when the keeper’s clan demonstrated unusual powers—surviving a three-week-long 1962 Seattle World’s Fair cross country camping tour in a Ford station wagon comes to mind—but being able to order up a temperature to match the keeper’s unbelievable age has him very impressed; and he can only wonder just how the hell his crew will manage things on the off chance that they have to put together a 100th birthday party.  Maybe global warming would make that easier.

Anyway, the keeper looks forward to that possibility; and he and Phyllis look forward to seeing everyone–dogs welcome–tomorrow in Mazo.  Wear light clothing, and remember that Mazo’s nude beach closed some years ago.








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