Kickass and a plan or not

Kickass, the doorstop dog, says one of the things about dogs is that they do not plan in any long term sense.  They might position themselves to be in line for a dropped bratwurst or   something like that, but if faced with any kind of a serious threat they don’t have the capacity to implement a plan to avert a calamity that might destroy them.

It comes as ironic comfort to learn that this failure to act to prevent inevitable disaster is obviously shared by the keeper and his species who are moping around like indolent sloths while their “kennel” of democracy and decency is rutted to messy destruction by narcissistic pigs.

So what’s to do?  The keeper says even old duffers like him need to stay damn mad and stop pretending that in the interests of less divisiveness it is okay to smile while some dumb bastard talks up the virtues of the pigs.  This is, in part, a war of civility and if we don’t win it we will all end up as slaves.


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