Kickass and a rainy day

Kickass, the doorstop dog, agrees with the keeper that the overriding mood-setter Sunday was not politics or even the coronavirus, it was the rain, falling steadily from a lead-colored sky and having its way with both the rain-haters–nine perent of the population, and rain lovers—psychologically know as “pluviophiles.”  Since the keeper and Phyllis are likely somewhere between those classifications, they, like everyone else, experienced a craving for carbs that comes with dropping serotonin levels due to the lack of sunlight, and so they ate pasta-type food instead of the recommended starchy stuff like parsnips and potatoes.  And due to the low barometric pressure that comes with rain and causes bodily fluids to move from blood vessels to tissue resulting in painful pressure on nerves and joints, Phyllis suffered aches and pains; and said that she and the keeper should get out of the house, which they did as the keeper noted from his rain research that earthworms come out only when it rains and are appropriate company on such a dreary day.  Kickass notes that dogs generally do not like rain and prefer to nap until the sun comes out, something they may have learned that from the cats, rain-haters to a fault.


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