Kickass and age shrinkage

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the keeper, notes that people shrink as they age—men about one inch in height between ages 30-70, and women about two inches; and the brain also shrinks, losing some 50,000 neurons daily from the inventory of 100 billion.  The keeper views these developments as positive in that they are similar to what happens with dieting—slimming down from a surplus of fat–or height and neurons.  In the keeper’s case, there was no good reason for him to continue to be the height that he was at age 30—five-ten or so, and loss of an inch or two allows him to more easily deal with low doors, like those in some late model vehicles. And the loss of 50,000 brain neurons daily has simply served to give a sharper focus to his thinking, reducing a youthful preoccupation with some physical issues and allowing him to concentrate on such important things as napping and expressing his increasingly outrageous views about almost everything. This inclination to rant obviously results from a slimmed-down neuron supply, and  is one of the great advantages of aging.  It comes with the conviction of rarely being wrong about anything, and it doesn’t matter a whit how tall you are..

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