Kickass and air force one vultures

Kickass, the doorstop dog, joins the keeper in identifying the unbelievable weekend performance of the POTUS as akin to a turkey vulture circling down to prospective carrion only to find carcasses that reek of impending death but may still have faint life.

The “super spreader” aspects of the recently-infected Trump’s visits to Michigan and Wisconsin at a time when both states are experiencing spikes in Coronavirus cases and deaths is beyond mind boggling.

Throw in the facts that Wisconsin has 150,000 fewer jobs since the coronavirus hit, the suicide rate for distressed farmers climbs, early childhood educators must get government assistance to keep from starving, and it all adds up to the kind of stench attractive to end-of-life profiteers and narcissistic loud-mouths.

That the appearance of Air-Force One resembles nothing more than the circling of a giant salivating turkey vulture, makes the point that not only is the citizenry being subjected to hospice-like ranting and taunts, it is also picking up the tab.

Nothing puts off a vulture more than signs of life in its pending meal, the keeper notes, and adds that unless something like that happens on Nov. 3, it is Bon Appetit for Wisconsin and the rest of the country.






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