Kickass and AJs book review

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports on how the cold January day was warmed beyond belief when great grandson AJ insisted that his parents—Tony and Kristen contact the keeper with a preview of his—AJ’s, first book which he produced as a school project.

In a rare session of “face” technology, AJ went through the four chapters of “My Dog,” explaining contents with youthful exuberance, and obviously unaware of the effect it was having on his book-reviewing great grandpa: not since an effusive friendly reviewer of the keeper’s novel “Margaret’s War” mentioned it in the same breath with Lonesome Dove and To Kill a Mocking Bird, has the keeper been so emotional about a book review.

But there was no such hyperbole in AJ’s book summary, and there is none in the keeper’s great-grandpa review: “It is not often that a book has the power to generate deep, tear-inducing emotions, but ‘My Dog’ sure does.  Author AJ Stokes is destined for great things!”

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