Kickass and allstar trade

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the keeper, with his unique lines of communication, has intercepted the following press message:

         “In a major trade prior to the annual All-Stupid Washington DC Allstar game–next Tuesday, the Dem Wokes will send RFK Jr, who worships the Tooth Fairy, to the Repub Retreads in exchange for Marjorie Taylor Greene who thinks she is the Tooth Fairy.

         “In commenting on the trade, Woke manager Schumer said RFK Jr’s failure to even recognize foul ball stupidity was a factor in the exchange, and he added that Greene has demonstrated that she not only recognizes foul ball stupidity but personifies it on a daily basis.

         “Schumer said Greene will be useful as an example of what can happen when the game of politics gets rained on and play then continues ‘under the tarp.’”

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