Kickass and Amazon’s psychic delivery

Kickass, the doorstop dog, is working with the keeper to take advantage of the new Amazon policy of making distribution centers out of former shopping malls to facilitate Amazon’s plan to deliver items before they are ordered.

Based on the marketing premise—“You may not have wanted this or even ordered it, but through the power of advertising and the advanced distribution system of Amazon, here it is anyway!”  Amazon may or may not call it: “Universal Psychic Delivery.” (UPD)

Fresh from down-sizing, which means throwing out an endless array of unessential junk, the keeper remembers “shopping” as seeing his mother standing in front of a counter and a store proprietor scurrying about to bring her the items she had on her list.

Now Amazon has the list and it is going to bring customers what they want before they realize they want it.

It is yet one more machination of an economy that saw Nike owner Phil Knight get $4.1 billion richer over the past three years, while the “food challenged” list of minimum-wage ($7.25) Americans grew by leaps and bounds under the watchful eye of the millionaire legislature.

The keeper wonders what UPD will bring him today, and how he will store it in a closet that is showing serious signs of recluttering.


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