Kickass and April blizzard

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the keeper headed out for his Prairie du Sac dental appointment shortly before 3 pm Tuesday just as the day-long rain turned to a heavy snowfall.

With compromised visibility and almost immediate accumulated inches of soggy snow and drivers suddenly unable to make it up the Tree Lane hill, the keeper drove around the block and directly back into the underground parking at Vista West, whereupon he rode the elevator up to the 5thfloor apartment he shares with Phyllis, poured himself a modest libation, gazed out the window at the impossible ugliness of the weather and said……..

Oh, never mind what he said, it was not comfortably quotable nor did it have any intellectual redeeming value. It was, however, something a robin might add to its inane “Cheer-up” vocabulary as it hunts for worms as yet another Wisconsin April blizzard rages.

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