Kickass and Artificial intelligence

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the keeper has more or less given up on deciding just where the much-ballyhooed threat of artificial intelligence fits into his and Phyllis’s “fight-or-flee” existence.

It would seem to him that AI with its firm computer grip on damn near everything is something he can neither fight nor flee from; and like arthritis and declining balance capabilities he must live with it.

But not before some relabeling in the interests of clarification: Henceforth, in the keeper’s world, “Artificial Intelligence” will become “Genuine Stupidity,” a label he understands, identifies with and even embraces.

And so does the media: Hardly a minute goes by on TV that can be considered “intelligence” of any kind, but “genuine stupidity” is all over the place, especially as the news crowd pursues the political circus heading over the cliff.

The keeper likes to think of it as being appropriately symbolized in the oft-viewed commercial of cuddly bears selling toilet paper.

 AI at work!

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