Kickass and author issues

Kickass, the doorstop dog, passes along the keeper’s observation that authors work to have their books “bought,” and if that doesn’t work out to their satisfaction, they then seek to have their books banned, in the interest of getting attention, of course.

The keeper’s history several years ago with his novel “Margaret’s War” was not remarkable on either count: it did not make the best-seller lists, and when he sought to have it banned by his home-town authorities he was ignored.

Now with the recent publication of “Treeson: an APOLOGIA to Trees” that were used in making the paper to print his 35-years of newspaper drivel, the keeper is hoping for a different outcome. It remains to be seen if Phyllis’s diligent promotional efforts will translate to book sales, and it is too early to think of seeking to have “Treeson” banned, except in Texas, of course.

The authoring business is fraught with uncertainty and peril.

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