Kickass and awful ignorance

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports the keeper’s struggle to maintain a shred of relevance has him finally understanding that all the talk about “AI” has nothing to do with “Intelligence,” but is the futile effort to assimilate “Awful Ignorance” into daily life.

As programmed by narcissistic profiteers, “Awful Ignorance” dominates the media to the point of nausea and is being forced down the throat of society and public education with the same techniques used to administer enemas.

The keeper is weary onto exhaustion of exercising the civilized restraint necessary to keep from shouting “GET THE HELL OUT OF MY LIFE YOU IGNORANT SOBs” and then acting accordingly by wielding the club of truth like a flyswatter, or a baseball bat.

“Artificial Intelligence” may be having its way with how the keeper’s life plays out, but “Awful Ignorance” has dominated far too long and it is time for him and the rest of the world to join Kickass as he lives up to his namesake.

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