Kickass and bad April goes on

Kickass, the doorstop dog, joins the keeper on a day of bone-jarring developments that has him—the keeper wondering if there is no end to the cruelty of this miserable April.  There was the death yesterday of Dan Wisniewski, as fine a friend as the keeper has ever known; there is the fact of the keeper’s last night in the much-loved Mazomanie home he built 20 years ago, as he and Phyllis move to Madison Independent living; and lurking everywhere is the killer virus crippling an arrogant world and causing untold misery for millions.

The keeper will nurse wonderful memories of trout fishing and baseball games with Dan, basking in the aura of his gentle smile and his amused and quiet-spoken take on incidents from his incomparably charitable and compassionate life.

He-the keeper will try not to dwell painfully on the incredible joys of the past 20 years in the house on the hill, as he and Phyllis head for a new life at  Madison’s “Coventry.”

And the keeper will wear a mask, which will cover his nose but not his eyes and the possible tears therein.  Phyllis sets an sterling example as to the minor role of tears in dealing with travail, and the keeper will do his best to follow suit.

But, damn, some days are tough!

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