Kickass and bad idea pickup

Kickass, the doorstop dog, is assisting the keeper and Phyllis in formation of the Bad Idea Trash Pickup (BITP) which is to function on both the international and domestic levels, heading first, of course to Russia where Putin’s war idea, along with Putin himself, will be picked up and buried in a landfill along with the empty vodka bottles and rotten borscht.

The idea for BITP came to the keeper as he happened to read the following headlines in his hometown newspaper: “Man Arrested After Hitting Cousin With Guitar,” and “Probation For Woman Who Injured Husband With Scissors.”

Both of these items are based on bad ideas that had they been picked up and trashed would have prevented considerable misery.

The BITP program will, of course, have provisions for unlimited recycling of bad ideas in the interests of reuse as in the case of Putin.

The routes for the Bad Idea Trash Pickup will be determined by public input with suggestions to be made directly to the keeper.  Already he has heard from Mara largo, Washington DC, Madison, WI., and his hometown of Barron.  Your locale could be next!

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