Kickass and Bar Hamburgers

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the keeper has forever had a weakness for tavern hamburgers—with a slice of raw, a little mustard, fries and served with cold beer, of course.

He was thus indulged when he and Phyllis met Phyllis’s son Todd and granddaughter Alexis at the “Body Shop Tavern and Grill” in New Lisbon for a Friday lunch.

The hamburger was up to specifications as were other amenities of eating tavern hamburgers: a very loud crowd of locals whooping it up through their midday break, rock music blaring from a lighted corner, friendly female staffers who explain the confetti all over the floor is from earlier hijinks involving some “regulars.” A leaf-blower may be called for, one speculated.

There may be other than questionable gastronomic reasons going into the keeper’s affinity for tavern hamburgers. It might have to do with the company at his table and the peripheral entertainment at a typical country tavern for which there is no charge.

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