Kickass and bear hound training

Kickass, the doorstop dog, joins the keeper in posing a few questions for Wisconsin residents:

  1. Do you know that again this summer bear killers from all over the country will bring their hounds to Wisconsin for “summer training” which means aggressive packs of dogs will rampage through the Northwoods at the height of family raising for all wild creatures, including wolves protecting their pups?
  2. Do you know that Wisconsin is the ONLY state where such an outrageous, inhumane activity is permitted, having been put in place by bear killers, many from out of state?
  3. Do you know there is a law on the books–Walker 2016–that makes it illegal to photograph bear hounders?
  4. Do you know that if a wolf kills a bear hound the state pays the hound owner $2500?
  5. Do you think it can be called hunting when bears are killed over bait stations or after being treed by hounds?
  6. Can’t the citizenry do anything about any of this or is it all hopelessly cemented in place by the narcissistic, minority-representation Republican legislature that denies Wisconsin residents access to basic decency and humanity?

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