Kickass and bear hounders

Kickass, the doorstop dog, joins the keeper in all seriousness and outrageousness to point out how Wisconsin, once a national leader in conservation matters, has sunk to be THE ONLY state where bear hounders from all over the country come to “train” their hounds for two summer months by turning them loose in the north woods at the peak of family raising for all species, including wolves.

And should a hound be killed by a pup-defending wolf, the hound owner is paid $2500 by the state!

This unconscionable circumstance was set in place by a narcissistic contingent of gun/hound oriented special interests that, with out-of-state support, formed a powerful lobby that wrung the decency out of Wisconsin’s conservation reputation. With a minority representation gerrymandered Republican legislature in place, this offensive situation seems set in stone.

The Wisconsin Conservation Congress, formed to give citizens a voice in resource matters, has traditionally been dominated by the kill and catch crowd, but it is there to hear all voices through its annual April meetings in each county. This year that is April 8 at 6 pm at specific county locations. If personal attendance is not possible, online comments are encouraged from noon Apr. 10 to noon Apr. 13 for evaluation with on-site comments.

It is literally impossible to believe that if Wisconsin residents knew how they have been flim-flamed into accepting the inhumane summer hound training, they would not rise up in moral indignation, if not shame, and throw the bums out.

Let the Conservation Congress and the regular congress hear your voice!

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