Kickass and bear hounding

Kickass, the doorstop dog, joins the keeper in hanging his head in shame and extending deepest apologies to the state bear population–an estimated 24,000 individuals, as the summer-long bear hound training season approaches.

ONLY IN WISCONSIN: thousands of bear hounders from all over the country will gang into the state July 1-AUG. 31 to run their radio-collared hounds through Wisconsin’s green and glorious north woods as bear and all other wild creatures are struggling to raise their young.

Should a pup-protecting wolf kill a bear hound, the hound owner collects $2500 from the state.

This outrageous circumstance is only part of the inhumane hunting privileges put in place by the “minority-control” Repub legislature under the direction of the narcissistic Wisconsin Bear Hunter’s Association (WBHA) starting back in the Walker days.

That a state that likes to consider itself enlightened and humane is the ONLY one to be in the total clutches of such a self-interest, unfeeling power group as the WBHA is hard to believe.

Arrogance rules the day, and now in the north woods as hounders get ready to wallow in the freedom they enjoy, they spill over onto private property, block public roads, and hide behind the absurd “law” that prohibits photographing any of their offensive activity, even from a public road.

We are sorry, Wisconsin bear. When the hounds repeatedly chase you and your terrified cubs up trees on hot July days, try to keep in mind that the season to kill you runs from Sept. thru Oct, and if you survive that you can then sleep through the Wisconsin winter, unless, of course, the WBHA gets a law passed allowing them to jump into your winter bed.

It could happen.

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