Kickass and beer drinking

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the keeper’s long lifetime love/hate relationship with beer will not likely undergo any change with the news that US health officials are eyeballing Canada’s recommendation to drink only two beers per week. Currently the US health recommendation is for no more than two beers daily for men and one daily for women.

Acknowledging that Wisconsin has an absurd, onto tragic, relationship with alcohol (beer) and the keeper has been a willing participant in that fiasco, the observation is made that a two-per-week beer limit is much different that two per day, and, among other things, would likely change the much used–“I only had two beers today, officer,” to “I’ve only had two beers this week, officer.”

  The keeper will be talking things over with his Canadian-born wife Phyllis who, as a wine guru, does not drink even one beer per month. He may report to her that a Canadian health official commented that while beer may have benefits as a “social lubricant,” its health benefits are suspect.

The keeper–and maybe Phyllis, will drink to that.

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