Kickass and befouling the nest

Kickass, the doorstop dog, being about as neat and clean as a dog can be, given his cast iron makeup and constant exposure to a dust clothe, finds it hard to understand how the keeper and his species continuously elect leaders who not only befoul the collective nest but seem to take particular glee in the crudest forms of dictating that great hordes of people are condemned to live in various forms of poison, pollution and filth of their own making in the interests of profit for the rich narcissistic two percent.

Wisconsin’s Walker, in his Koch brothers’ puppet role and total disregard for the health and welfare of state citizens, is a case in point, and this is reported thoroughly in Sunday’s media by outdoor writer Pat Durkin.  So, drink a Kewaunee County toast of cow-shit tap water, and explain to your neighbor that “Stand With Walker,” sign out there in your hayfield.

The stench of how the collective nest is being befouled on the National level knows no bounds, and goes so deep it is polluting and destroying common decency and truth.  If they are lost, the nest will become immediately uninhabitable.  Kickass would cry, but tears are anathema to cast iron.

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