Kickass and being a badger

Kickass, the doorstop dog, is unable to prevent the keeper from stirring up the garbage in the typical Wisconsin winter life he and Phyllis share with all the rest of the Badgers:

  1. A dictator named Vos leading a minority-representative legislature that is kept in place by crooked voting districts.
  2. Male Republican legislators deciding what women can and cannot do in their reproductive lives.
  3. Illegal election agents led by would-be, Big-Lie bagman Sen. Ron-the-con Johnson.
  4. Former Green Bay Packers quarterbacks displaying levels of thinking that either suggests serious brain damage or confirms the existence of the tooth fairy.
  5. Early winter weather that trends toward cold, wet slop, and reassures Badgers that they are indeed in Wisconsin.

(The badger is the largest member of the weasel family and those that have advanced up the natural selection ladder spend the winter sleeping deep down in warm burrows. The others try to avoid becoming roadkill as they dance the polka on icy streets on their way to go ice fishing.)

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