Kickass and best mother

Kickass, the doorstop dog, indulges the keeper today as he–the keeper declares the “Best Mother” competition closed on this Mother’s Day for the obvious reason that his mother is again the hands down winner.  It happens this way year after year, and though she has been gone from his life for decades, her standing as “best mother” becomes more assured with the passage of time.  In a Mother’s Day feature story, the keeper once wrote that his mother would stand on two broken legs to bake you a cake, and if you weren’t happy she wasn’t happy.  While her “peace at any price” trek through life might be faulted in today’s gender-adjusting world, it served the keeper’s mother well as she and her faultless God worked things out between them.  It is the keeper’s opinion that if that omnipotent God had used his mother’s thinking instead of His own on some occasions, the world would be a better place.

To those who might dispute the keeper’s claim to “Best Mother” he can only suggest that there is no shame in coming in second.”


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