Kickass and Biden too young

Kickass, the doorstop dog, joins the keeper and those with concerns about Joe Biden’s age as he announces a run for reelection, not because he is too old, but because at 80 he may be too young.

The keeper’s reasoning is based on his own experience of making astounding mental gains after reaching the age of 80.

Never mind how old he is now, but it was after 80 that he discovered that if he puts his head into the car before his ass his hat will not get knocked off.

Also, in his mid 80’s he made major changes in his matrimonial status, ending up sharing his life with Phyllis which compares to Biden accomplishing world peace.

There are many other personal hints that Biden’s “youth” could be a problem, such as the keeper’s after-80 ability to mute everything in life except Phyllis, the kind of thing a POTUS would find useful in being the world’s most powerful man.

Despite the fact that he may be too young for the job, the keeper will be voting for Joe since the prospective opposition candidates all appear to be of pre-school age.

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