Kickass and big money

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that as the keeper tries to maintain at least some low-rung position in the increasing have-and-have-not world he wonders how long it will be before basic weather is so controlled by big money interests that he and Phyllis will somehow have to pay a corporation to walk in the rain or even to view a sunset.

Profit motivated big money has taken over virtually every aspect of life: a dinner check equals what was once the price of a car, individual house ownership is increasingly impossible, billionaires run the government as if the country is Disneyland, and every last stumbling dummy takes big money corporate directions through a “smart” phone on how to do everything from getting up in the morning to shopping for shoes to handing over their last dollar to some flim-flam idiot who inherited BIG MONEY!

 It is only a matter of time until pay toilets become a feature of not only all public areas but personal living quarters as well, and it will be necessary to put coins into a corporate-owned slot in order to access your own bathroom.

With the keeper’s bladder now the command organ, he will be flat broke in week or so, and then what!!!!!!

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