Kickass and bipartisan weather

Kickass, the doorstop dog, is in agreement with the keeper that in recognizing the politicization of weather, Saturday was definitely a Democrat party day.  It was a day to enjoy–to get outside with the dog and the kids and try to forget that most of February, with its miserable cold and snow, was very obviously Republican.

Despite its contrary nature, the Repub party has embraced the weather of Feb. 2021 as wonderful and with no demands to wear a winter coat or stay in the house to avoid blizzards and sub-zero temps.  Some of the Repubs say the weather was behind their actions on Jan. 6 when it motivated them to become simultaneously snow-blind and brainless, not unlike the incessant prairie winds drove pioneer women stark raving mad back in settlement days.

As is their wont, Repubs spent the Saturday weather trying to make snow angels in the slush and mud, packing snow balls with rock centers, and fashioning melting snowmen with Pinocchio noses.

The keeper and Phyllis took a long walk along a country road in the vicinity of “Pop’s Knoll” in Donald’s Park near Mt. Vernon, and noted that the Democrat Saturday gave them a sense of joy at being alive, albeit with the limps and pacing that come with having survived long, suffocating periods of Repub weather.

Today’s weather with its periods of dense fog and gusting wind will be more or less bipartisan but will definitely favor the Repubs with its poor visibility and demands to hold onto your hat!

The keeper and Phyllis will likely stay home.








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