Kickass and bird dinosaurs

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the new digs for Phyllis and the keeper–being on the 5th floor of a recently completed structure that is isolated from most natural plant growth, is not exactly bird friendly; and this has moved the keeper to court the trio of resident crows in the hope of establishing at least some avian associates.  So far, the proffered corn ears and pan of seeds out on the balcony—likely a violation of resident rules, have been totally ignored; and, except for occasional distant Vee’s of geese and a few patrolling seagulls, the keeper’s life is pretty much bird-less.

This is not an acceptable circumstance, and considering the limitations on doing something about it, the keeper has decided to revamp his attitude toward birds: Rather than find them as colorful and attractive friends, they will henceforth be regarded as flying dinosaurs, which they are in evolutionary circles.

This, of course, replaces the keeper’s disappointment of not having bird company, with the satisfaction of not being troubled by dinosaurs—from a negative to a plus, as it were, and safe at last from T-Rex chickadees.






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